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Please see below some videos and instructions to get you started making! Reach out to the group if you have questions. Please also join our Facebook Group to connect with other makers for new tips and tutorials.

Face Masks

Note: Please use a different fabric for the inside and outside of the mask so that the wearer knows which side was last facing outward and inward while wearing.

Watch Wilton Local, Mel Issa Norris, Take You Through Mask Making!

Surgical Caps

Face Shields

Surgical Gowns


Sore Ear Savers – Mask Accessory

Tips on measurements:

  • Knit or crochet = 2.5in x 1in;
  • Fabric = 3in x 2in (plus whatever folded seam allowance you prefer).
  • Buttons = any size between 15mm-22mm

Contact us to donate “Sore Ear Savers”.

Let’s build something together.

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